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baked oatmeal: breakfast on-the-go!

These baked oatmeal cups include creamy almond butter + chocolate chips and takes just 35 minutes to make. Busy mornings can make it tempting to hit the drive-thru for your first meal of the day. That’s why we love adding options like these baked oatmeal cups – you can make a batch ahead of time […]

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Pineapple + Mango Smoothie Recipe

pineapple + mango summer smoothie

This pineapple + mango summer smoothie includes turmeric + ginger and has just six ingredients. Thyroid disorders can have a huge impact on your metabolism and your body temperature. When my Graves’ symptoms were at their worst, I was on fire – all of the time. This smoothie recipe was a lifesaver. THE YUMMIEST WAY […]

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reversing thyroid hair loss

Losing your hair is hard. It might be common for those of us living with thyroid disorders; but hair loss was definitely the toughest part of my journey with Grave’s Disease. That’s why I wanted to share some of the tips and tools that have helped me in my journey to reversing thyroid hair loss. […]

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energy bites recipe

energy bites: the ultimate power snack

These easy almond chip energy bites are made with just eight ingredients and zero added sugars. Dark chocolate, oats and almond butter make these yummy energy bites a must to boost your energy and satisfy your tastebuds. Working from home might have cut down my morning commute but my schedule throughout the day can get […]

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Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or the Winter Solstice, the holiday season can be hectic. That's why we're reminding you how to take care of yourself - so you can keep stress low and stay and healthy 

3 Holiday
Self-Care Musts

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